Sunday, June 3, 2007

Book Expo NYC 2007: Char's Annual Awards

Yes, yes, it's time for my annual BookExpo awards, which some of you might remember from last year. Here goes:

the kindest, sweetest and most patient author award: okay, technically he's an illustrator, but Matthew Reinhart wins this distinction hands down. He did 4 signings for different pop-up books and even stayed after the alotted time to make sure everyone got their books signed. He even signed multiple books (we lost count after 8) for a woman who kept pulling out different pop-up books that he had illustrated. He was so kind, patient and sweet with her and never rushed her or anyone else. And besides, his work totally rocks!!!

yummiest give-away award: The Snoopy dog bone shaped rice krispies treat

coolest picture taking moment award: there are 2 winners, having your picture taken with Dora the Explorer and her friend Diego; or putting on pig ears and having your picture taken with a statue of Olivia

most socially conscious exhibitor, with a creative way to express your conviction award: so, what do BookExpoers feel is the most important issue facing America today? By placing a marble in one of the five jars at the Brookings Institution Press exhibit, you could express the issue most important to you. At the time that we visited, Iraq and Climate Change were tied, with Health Care a comfortable third and Homeland Security and Immigration coming in fourth and fifth.

only one regret, but it's okay award: that BookExpo is in Los Angeles next year. But good news, it returns to NYC in 2009

the coolest and most unassuming couple award: Sometimes you see many couples (both married and partners) at BookExpo, especially from small, independent bookstores or the exhibitors themselves. The best couple award goes to the friendly guy and his wife and her bird. We were warmly greeted by the gentleman (pictured left) who was promoting the new Merck Manual for Pet Health. He said make sure that you go visit my wife and her bird, who were next to him. So, we stepped over to his wife and the beautiful toucan bird. Oh my gosh, it's Joan Embry! So we said to the husband, "hey, you didn't tell us your wife was famous!" And Joan said, "I'm not famous, the animals are famous." Wow, she knows so much about animals. We learned all of these facts about the Amazon Rainforest toucan in only a few minutes. So, for their hospitality, humility and for being really cool people, and of course, unassuming, Joan Embry and her husband get this award

best swag award:
Yes, I know that the expo is all about the books, but let's be honest, who doesn't like all the free swag stuff. Okay, so we'll start with the tote bags. There were so many to choose from and many runner-ups, but the top 5 tote bags are, drum roll please:

1st Place: Ingram--The Ingram tote bag has the Brooklyn Bridge on either side and is the only tote that I saw that paid tribute to NYC. So, we appreciate that and give them 1st place
2nd Place: Good Books--This publisher gave away a beautiful canvas, zipped tote which has the book cover art work from two of their children's books. This is the 2nd year that they placed in this category because they gave away a similar bag last year. It is just beautiful, thanks Good Books! (Pictured top row, left)
3rd Place:Kids Can Press--The art work from their children's books is just great. It's fun, colorful and a practical tote! (Pictured top row, right)
4th Place: Viz still has the best overall design, which is the same from last year! If it's ain't broke, why fix it, right?
5th Place: Penguin Classic--Who doesn't love penguins....everyone, right?

the best swag, other than a tote bag award:
Outside of tote bags, the best swag award goes to the Bad Kitty clip-on given out by MerryMakers Inc. We give honorable mention to the "Want a Poogle" pin, the highlighter/post-it pen, and the apple shape cookie cutter

the most often heard phrase award:
"Hey, the lightsabers light up, cool!"
Repeated continuously and sometimes in unison by those who got a copy of Matthew Reinhart's Star Wars Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy, or to anyone who had a copy and showed it to someone. This pop-up book so totally rocks. If you know a Star Wars fan, this is a must purchase. Due out October 2007.

I didn't take a picture, what was I thinking :( award: Sandra Boynton sitting on the carpeted floor in her publishers' booth, using a wooden block as a table. I'm not sure you can get more down to earth than that...

you paid how much for that? award: Carving chef extraordinaire, pictured below, is sculpturing a swan out of a watermelon (notice the beautiful lotus flowers carved from onions in front of the watermelon). The chef forgot to bring a watermelon to the expo so he had to buy one in the city. Guess how much he paid for that watermelon? Yup, $20.00! He said that he won't forget to bring his watermelon next time :)

most imaginative, yet kind-of-creepy promotion for a book award:
A live Statue of Liberty to promo John Keatt's Tales of New York. It really looked like a statue until she opened her eyes and her eyes followed you without any other part of her body moving (that's the creepy part)

one of the best ways to meet your colleagues award:

the autograph lines waiting to get that book that you really want signed by one of your favorite authors.

the best experience that I wouldn't change for a million dollars award: attending BookExpo with my friend Lisa, who I met in library school and also lives in NYC. She's in knowledge management now, so she doesn't attend many of these public functions. It was such a great time to spend the day with her and to add another experience to our 20+ year friendship.

I will tell you that, as a book lover and librarian, there is no greater experience than BookExpo. You have a chance to meet and talk with some really great authors (new and seasoned); visit and talk with the publishers and learn about new titles and product; and meet some wonderful colleagues and people from all over the country and around the world. The following 3 posts are pictures that Lisa and I took at BookExpo, enjoy!

Images from BookExpo NYC 2007:
top left: Feelings to Share A to Z, 2007,Carrie Hartman, Illustration; top middle: Street Dogs by Traer Scott due out October 2007; bottom left: Maurice Sendak's Mommy Pop-up book by Arthur Yorkins and Matthew Reinhart; bottom left: ABC - NYC: A Manhattan Alphabet Book, Travel Guide and Souvenir by Matthew G. Rosenberger


librarian247 said...

Hi Char, it's me, Maria Sunio! Fun awards list -- I've never been to BEA, but I'll try to persuade the boss to send us to BEA in LA next year. We won't be going to ALA in DC (or any other meetings out-of-state), but I hope to read all about it in your blog now. And congrats on your 20th anniversary as a librarian!

Hilary Albert said...

hi char - hilary here. cool to see you have a blog. will you be at ala. if so maybe we can hook up somehow. can't believe i've been away from queens for 5 years now. hope you still like it there. say hi to all your loved ones (that means the cats too.) hilary

Char said...

Hi Maria and Hilary,

Great to hear from you! Hey Hilary, hope we can meet up at ALA! And Maria, please keep in touch and let me know where you are now! My e-mail is, hope to hear from both of you....

Edith said...

I will definitely go to the 2008 Book Expo.