Saturday, August 25, 2007

O Shakespeare bobblehead, wherefore art thou?

Come hither bobblehead!

Greenwood Press, the all-time leader of swag, has given away bobbleheads to promote the release of their "All Things" book series. The Shakespeare bobblehead was given away at the 2003 ALA Conference in Toronto to coincide with the release of "All Things Shakespeare!"

The Chaucer, Jane Austen and Charles Darwin bobbleheads are great in their own, but the group would like to be joined by the Shakespeare bobblehead to feel a sense of wholeness!

Please e-mail me at, if you or anyone you know might have a Shakespeare bobblehead and is willing to part with it!

Thanks to Betty at Greenwood Heinemann for helping us add Jane Austen to our family of Greenwood bobbleheads! And to Greenwood Press, we love the bobbleheads, so please keep them coming! And for your next "All Things" book, we hope that you consider an author from the "Lost Generation," perhaps Ernest Hemingway, or F. Scott Fitzgerald!!!