Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BookExpo 2016 Awards!

BookExpo 2016 Awards

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 2016 BookExpo awards! This year, the Windy City hosted BookExpo from May 11-13, 2016. From exhibits to book buzzes to autograph signings to the most important tote gathering ever, we present the luminous BookExpo 2016 Awards!

best author providing a read and sit down to belong award!

this award goes to the incomparable Sebastian Junger, whose new release 'Tribe' brilliantly examines tribal behavior especially during conflict in relation to today's veterans suffering from PTSD as these tribal connections are broken. Mr. Junger practices what he writes as part-owner of the restaurant pub The Half-King in New York City, which offers a venue highlighting the work of photojournalists, readings and discussion of indie authors and a venue for writers and the like-minded to gather, discuss and commune with one another while enjoying a meal!

librarians are fearless award!

To the young librarian who fearlessly displayed her tattoo!

cutest pet book cover award!

The criteria for this award is to have a super cut pet grace your book cover and warm our hearts! And the winners are, well, all of them of course, but here are a few:


omg, I think I need to get my eyes checked or maybe I had a few too many drinks award!

Well, we know that librarians strain their eyes constantly by reading and also love to drink and sometimes like to drink while they read, but no, its just the psychedelic design of the 'Dark Matter' book cover that gives you the illusion that progressives are needed or you are three sheets to the wind, or both. We're not sure if the text inside the book is the same, but if it is, then yes, maybe you should just let that other person live your life

the Chicago main staple award!

As Chicago continues to gentrify with a population explosion resulting in no available parking, modernized streets, apartment building conversions and all that other fun stuff often associated with urbanizing, its always comforting to find a main staple in the city, which continues to survive all the changes by remaining unchanged. This award goes to 'Nuts on Clark' and all the other shops, stores and restaurants that continue to be what they have always been


still the best book buzz program award!

This award goes to the much anticipated Editor's Buzz, held late Wednesday afternoon. Our selected Editors offer a glimpse of the much anticipated heavyweights to be released this coming Fall/Winter. From gun violence narratives to human betrayal to the stories of mothers to racial segregation to complex & emotional relationships, we salute this year's selections:

BEA Editors' Buzz: Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge (Oct 2016); Darktown by Thomas Mullen (Sept 2016); History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund (Jan 2017);  Little Deaths by Emma Flint (Jan 2017); The Mothers by Brit Bennett (Oct 2016); and The Nix by Nathan Hill (Aug 2016)

most reliable & consistent exhibitor award!

Year after year, in good times and bad, there is one publisher consistently at BookExpo, offering fun, colorful and just really great books and displays! This award goes to Workman for always, always being there! We appreciate your dedication and commitment!!!


 hey, fill out a postcard and we'll send it for you award!

In this age of e-communication, its so great to see an old-fashioned way of saying hello to a friend or family member while you're away visiting a great Midwestern city attending the world's best book expo! Thanks #bookbrag

oh my, this may be a bestseller award!

Coming out November 2016, a great way to refine that bucket list!

please, please, please take one of these awards!

This award goes to Publisher's Weekly and all the staffers stationed at entrance points to try and give you a copy of the Show Daily, the exceptional PW daily showcasing articles and ads about authors, programs, books and most importantly, the day's free giveaways!

the let's color award!

There is nothing better than coloring while you should be working, right? Coloring for adults, one of the hottest trends today, was very present this year at BookExpo! Kudos for the opportunity to let the librarians be trendy and color a spot on this majestic polar bear!

penguins are too sweet and gentle to have so many problems award!

Our little happy feet artic friends at Penguin seem to have some problems this year. We care and hope things look up for them in the future!








a very special thank you to Ohio and Indiana award!

A very special thank you to Ohio and Indiana, which offer the main thruways for those avoiding long TSA lines at airports and driving west into Chicago for BookExpo. We so very much appreciate that over half of the Turnpike and Toll Road, respectively, were under construction and added extensive travel time to get to the most important expo ever, our beloved BookExpo. We also appreciate your generosity and kindness by charging the full toll amounts as a very special thank you for our inconvenience

the longest banner hanging award!

So, these Chicago union guys probably deserve a medal for their patience while being supervised in hanging this BookExpo banner, which seemed to take a lifetime but should have taken about 10 minutes. And who is responsible for this time waster? No, not Ohio or Indiana, but that's a really good guess! The guilty culprit was some guy who was supervising from very, very, very far away from the surly. unhappy and disgruntled Chicago union guys! We are happy to report that the banner was perfectly hung one minute before the Exhibit Hall opened and no one supervising this banner hanging was harmed.

thank you for helping us save 5 cents award!

As New York City gets ready to impose a 5 cent fee for plastic bags in stores, totes from BookExpo find their way to New York City to save the day! BookExpo totes help the environment, save us a few pennies, advertise for their sponsored publisher, product or book, and make a lot of New Yorkers very, very, very happy! Its a win-win for everyone! Thank you exhibitors!

the tiniest tote award!

Yes exhibitors, you can win one of these prestigious awards by simply having the smallest tote!!! There was a clear winner this year and not only because it was the only tiny tote, but that helped a lot!
The Littliest Bigfoot by Jennifer Weiner (Sept 2016)

the Ingram excellence in tote design award!

This award recognizes Ingram's commitment and excellence in providing high-quality, theme-related and outstanding totes year after year. Just when you think the Ingram design could not be better than the year before, we are amazed and impressed by the enhanced and impressive designs. Bravo Ingram!

best tote award!

The award that everyone has been waiting for, the BookExpo 2016 Award for best tote, a much sought after acknowledgement! Thank you to all the exhibitors for your colorful, practical and most excellent totes. All of you are winners, but the best in show goes to little pets, bob and the pups:

1st Place: Sago mini little pets: Jack the rabbit, Harvey the dog, Jinja the cat and Robin the bird

2nd Place: Bob the bird
3rd Place: Capstone celebrating 25 years of pups series

As we await BookExpo's return next year to the home of major publishing houses, New York City, we thank this year's host, Chicago! Remember to bring your totes to avoid that 5 cent fee! And until then, read often, promote our authors and stay well!

Dr. J and his new book; Workman's beautiful display; pop-up book artist Matthew Reinhart's book Frozen; Sterling's beautiful elephant tote; fun button machine; and swag to make the librarians happy!